Scrap Cars: Top 5 Variables To Consider

Ottawa scrap car pickup specializes in the pickup of scrap or junk cars which constitute a nuisance to an owner’s property. As part of their damaged car removal services, a team of professionals offers as much information as possible to scrap car owners to help them make the best decisions with regards to their scrap cars.

For scrap car owners, some variables come into play when determining the value of a scrap car. To help you get the best price for your next scrap car, below are some of the top variables to consider that determine the price of your scrap car.

Is the vehicle running or not?

When planning on selling your scrap car, one of the most important variables to consider is whether or not your car is running and in what condition. A buyer generally classified cars into two major categories, operational (running) or non-operational (not-running). When you have a scrap car that is running, ordinarily, you stand a better chance at negotiating a higher value for your scrap car compared to someone whose scrap car is not running. If your car is running, you may also choose to sell it off to a private buyer who will pay more compared to the scrap yard company. However, if your car isn’t running, a junk car buyer is the recommended choice for your needs.

The age of the vehicle

The age of the vehicle is important when selling to a scrap car buyer. This is because scrap car buyers may be able to remove certain parts of the car for resale. Cars older than 12 years are more commonly found in scrap yards as they are believed to have passed their prime in age. However, with cars less than 12 years in age, the scrap yard may be able to salvage certain parts which are removed and sold out before the entirety of the car is scrapped. If you are scraping a relatively newer car model, then, you may be able to negotiate for a higher price based on the value of the vehicle.

The condition of the vehicles

The condition of the vehicle is a critical factor which determines the overall value which will be placed on it. A better-looking vehicle to be scrapped will most likely command more in terms of value compared to one that has been left exposed to weather elements for an extended time.

The make and model of the car

In the scrap car business, there is a supply and demand force which operates like any other market. There are certain makes and models of cars that are in high demand, based on the parts and other salvageable items. Others may not be in demand as much. If you have a car whose make and model are currently in high demand, surely, you will be able to demand a lot more from the buyer.

The size and weight of the car

The size and weight of the car also play a significant advantage in negotiating a better value for your scrap car. Many companies specialized in junk cars make purchases and estimate values based on weight.

While selling a junk car may appear easy, it is highly recommended that you take active steps to ensure that you choose only the best junk car removal company, one that is honest and transparent. To learn more about working with junk car companies or to sell your scrap car, visit

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