What We Do With Scrap Cars

Scrap My Car is committed to disposing Ottawa’s junk or scrap vehicles in a way that emphasizes environmental stewardship.The way you dispose your vehicle represents a fantastic opportunity to reduce your personal contribution to atmospheric carbon through recycling. Find out how Scrap My Car takes care to protect the environment when disposing of Ottawa’s scrap vehicles:


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

car disposal green ottawaPulling metal out of mines and converting that metal into a product takes significant energy. Each step required to get metal out of a mine and into the products we use every day comes at a carbon cost. Drilling through rock, smelting ore, processing smelted ore, shipping the metal produced, and then turning that metal into a vehicle comes at a high carbon cost. Each step adds up to significant pollution.

Recycling metal is an opportunity to cut many of these steps out, and thus massively reduce atmospheric carbon. With no need to pull ore out of a mine, smelt it, process it to create metal, and ship it across the planet, the metal comprising the junk vehicle sitting on your property can be used to create new products without such a high investment of carbon.

But the benefits don’t stop there, as your junk vehicle is made of more than just metal. The plastics, rubbers, and fabrics throughout your junk vehicle are all recyclable as well. The product of toxic petrochemical processes, every product created from the materials within your vehicle are products that require less pollution to make.

How We Do It

When it comes to Ottawa scrap cars, there are many methods that Scrap My Car has to re-use and recycle the components and materials that comprise your scrap vehicle depending on the integrity of a given vehicle. Consider these examples:

The Rust Bucket:

When we come across an Ottawa scrap car that is in a state of total disrepair, Scrap My Car will see to it that plastics and metals are separated and re-used. Steel, aluminum, rubber, etc are sold on commodity markets to be re-used in the manufacture of new products.

Parts Vehicles:

If your junk car doesn’t run, but isn’t a complete junker, Scrap My Car will see to it that valuable, working parts are re-used. While some critical components of a vehicle may be broken, others still have life. Scrapping your car with Scrap My Car means that they see use.

ottawa-junk-removalRunning Vehicles:

If your car is still in working order, but simply of no value to you, calling Scrap My Car means you can be sure that it will be re-used. The task of selling a car can often be more work than it is worth to an owner, and in those cases Scrap My Car will take care of it for you, ensuring that working vehicles continue to produce value instead of sitting in junkyards.

Scrap My Car

When it comes to safely disposing of cars, Scrap My Car does so with an emphasis on environmental stewardship. For green car disposal throughout the Ottawa reigon, get in touch with Scrap My Car!

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