In recent years, there has been the rise of a certain menace in the streets, that is car parking. Indeed, people these days would rather have fewer cars with cleaner streets. Various cities around the world have intensified efforts to reduce car parking, and even tried scrap car removal Ottawa.

Cities like Zurich and Philadelphia have created ways to cut down on car parking, with Amsterdam removing about 1,500 car parking spaces a year. There is a growing recognition of the need to reduce these spaces.

The need to scrap car parking is seen as necessary by cities due to its many benefits. So many car parking spaces choke up the streets and make everywhere tight. Sometimes, you find a car parking space in every street. This also reduces space in the streets and reduces the movements of pedestrians and cyclists.

Besides the restriction it places on movement, car parking also tends to pollute the city. This is the reason there have been concentrated efforts, especially by green organizations and groups, to seek ways to reduce car parking because of the pollution it creates, and also encourage more green options like cycling, and public transportation.

In place of unnecessary car parking spaces, with most of them illegal, cities have adopted means to decongest the streets of cars. One of such methods is the adoption of ‘parklets’, by cities like New York. The idea behind this is to turn parking spaces into cafes in a season where the spaces are not used by cars. The aim of this is to temporarily transform these parking spaces into useful grounds for the residents.

Other ways include setting limits on the number of cars that can be parked on a building spot and also encouraging the construction of facilities on the spaces that are used for parking. The whole point of these various adopted ways is to decongest the cities off unnecessary parking spaces.

Cities like Ottawa can step up their efforts by providing better public transport, like buses, to encourage people to move about with their cars less. Also, taxi-hailing services are another effective means to reduce car parking on streets, as most times some of these cats are parked by people on their way to their businesses. So if they find alternative means to move about without having to bother about parking, it could go a long way in helping the city achieve its aim. Another way could be by constructing buildings for parking. These are either overground or underground structures with space for parking. The beauty of this method is that it could solve two problems, such that a residential building could be built above ground, while the parking space is under. This reduces the number of cars parked on the street or road.

In all, the most important thing is for cities around the world to recognize that car parking is a problem, and that proactive measures should be employed to tackle it. As cities become more and more populated, the need for land to construct homes and other infrastructure becomes necessary. That’s why cities need to step up their efforts to see that the available spaces are put to good, rewarding use, and making the environment cleaner. To learn more, visit

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